why I continue to make this thing called art

From my suburban roots to my hippy-dippy art school education, I’ve always been interested in the parts of life that look really small but feel quite big—the unexpected earth-shattering enlightenments, the rip-your-heart-out-and-gently-sew-it-back-in instances, and the gritty treasure hunts for hope. It's this kind of chaos that makes my chest hurt in the best way possible and, boy, do I want to make art about it...however, due to my impulsive need to acknowledge the existential significance of art-making, I will note that when it comes down to it, whatever it may be, we are just a little speck among other little specks, floating around in an unfathomably large, possibly endless fishbowl, praying to God that we don’t collide or perhaps that we do. If anything, I hope to make art that makes us all feel a little less lonely and little less anxious. 

All my love,


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